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By: Press Council

The management of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, has highlighted some terms and conditions needed to aid lifting of embargo on student activities.

The conditions were discussed in a meeting between the Dean, Students’ Affairs, Mr Makinde Joseph, and Students’ Representatives on campus, at Assembly Hall, North Campus of the institution

It could be recalled that the management had previously released several memos, reiterating the effectiveness of the memo, however, Mr Makinde has explained the reason behind the action.

“First of all, I want you to know that I was not the one that ordered the embargo in the first place, the decision was made by the management of the institution itself, and that is because placing embargo was the only option the management had.”

“We noticed that it is when students gather in the name of activity that fights ensue, and with the rate things were happening then, we could not afford to record any casualty. Other schools might be recording casualties, even in broad daylight, but we are not ready here and that is why we placed the embargo on those activities” he explained.

Mr Makinde also noted that the fraudulent reports the management receive from National bodies, Faculties, and Departments, contributed to the establishment of the embargo.

“We know that the reason majority of you are agitating is because we did not allow you to sell receipt. The embargo on the receipt is because we do receive letters from National bodies, Faculties, and Departments, that we should not clear someone who happened to be the president, financial secretary or treasure of the association, that they embezzled the association’s fee. And whenever we ask other executives, they’ll say they don’t know anything about the finance of the association.”

“Till today, there are some students that were reported to us and we are yet to set our eyes on them in this institution. Just recently, the National body of an indigenous association wrote to us that the president of the association in our institution, embezzled 1.4 million. So, these are the reasons we placed the embargo, so as to address these issues.”

“I’ve had a robust conversation with the Students’ Union President, and he was even the one that suggested this meeting. I’ve tabled it to our mothers in the institution, and I’m hoping to receive a positive response. The embargo will be lifted immediately we get access to the Deputy Rector.” he added.

However, the terms and conditions expected of Student’s Representatives, in uplifting the embargo are:

  1. Orientations should be strictly academics, no music.
  2. Less/Non academic program should be done off campus.
  3. No association should charge more than ₦1,000.00 (One thousand naira).
  4. Excursions should be within Ibadan.
  5. Orientation and Excursion notice must be submitted to the Students’ Affairs, at least two weeks to the date.
  6. Provision of lists of names of students going to Excursion and provision of external security force.
  7. Including the Head Of Department/Staff Adviser as signatory to the association’s account (under review).
  8. Head Of Departments and lecturers must be involved in any/every activity.

Also, while addressing the security issues raised by student’s representatives, Mr Makinde enjoined the students not to leave the security into the hands of the management.

“You see, it is the Management’s duty, but the management can’t do it alone. It is you, the students that will help us. If you notice anything that could look like threat around the school premises, call our attention to it immediately, and anyone is being harassed or apprehended, report to us, then we take actions.” he implored.

Mr Makinde also noted that the institution’s Identity Card, which is another means of strengthening security on campus, is “ready” for collection.

Reacting to the Psychometrics Studies fee, Mr Makinde admonished the students to relax, as the Students’ Union is working on it.

“The Psychometrics issue is beyond the school now, it is from NBTE, but the Students’ Union president is working vigorously on it”.

Addressing portal issue raised by another comrade, Mr Makinde announced that freshers can now proceed to make necessary payment without the hostel fee. He also added that students should endeavor to make payments through the recognized computer centres in the institution.

“You can check now, every payment can be made without restrictions now. They have adjusted the hostel fee. We have only five recognized cafe centres in this school, they are the ones we know. If you pay through any cafe man, it will be difficult for us to rectify it because of the source.”

“As regards hostel refusal fee, we can’t teach the management what to do. The management knows what to do.”

Alongside others, the Students’ Union President, Comrade Oloyede Okikiola, also faulted the activities of the hostel managers, imploring the management to look into the affairs of the managers.

Suggesting solutions to the issues facing the institution, a member of the student’s representatives suggested “Restructuring”, while another suggested that the management of the institution should do what is expected of them effectively.

The Dean, has, however, promised to table all suggestions to the management and promised to utilize them if found worthy.

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