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By: Tunde Jr. Adebayo & Gbolagade Sunday

Unionism in simple terms is the policies of a joint association in their mission of protecting the rights of the populace they represent. The human mind cannot achieve absolute unity with outsiders. However, it can accommodate uniformity with like minds to attain a common goal. This ideology is why the military has thrived so well. As we all know, the military is just as ancient as life itself. We know that once an army loses its sense of togetherness, it loses a war. Knowing this, all reasonable generals try to keep their house in order on the eve of battle.

This is however contrary to what is being practised in our famed institution; The Polytechnic, Ibadan, where the supposed unionist claw at each others’ throat instead of holding up the torch for their members.
It’s no news that all isn’t well in the paradise also known as the Students’ Union Building. In all aspects, this building can be likened to the house of the classic Nigerian sitcom, Fuji House of Commotion. Each week with a different episode of the drama. Our executives have turned the house of power into a circus for clowns. Meanwhile, colluding with themselves to keep an open secret under wraps. The Press Council had chosen to watch afar, hoping they would reach an impasse, and then put their house in order.

However, this had turn futile, to say the least. As a house fourteen has been torn to shreds, and in its place, several factions have risen. There’s the PRO, who is said to be a lone wolf fighting all by himself; then there’s Auditor, And you should know that the ND 2 students also form a spectator caucus who watch the drama in amusement.
At first, we heard of the first saga between the PRO, Akinpelu Ahmed with the Auditor, Soyetire Oyeniyi.
Apparently, the President chose not to carry along the General Secretary, PRO nor any of the other executives on some matters, he, however, prefers to confide in the Auditor for guidance. This development was however not appreciated by the others, and only the PRO was brave enough to challenge the duo.

This is contrary to what the SUG president promised in his exclusive interview with the Press Council; “Unity and Peace” were his exact words.

Fast forward to a month later, news broke out in the altercation between the Treasurer, Mustapha Elizabeth and the General Secretary, Yusuf Adekola is another straw that broke the camels back as it negates all moral and ethical conduct in an academic setting. When consulted, the CSO had pointed concluded. “Under normal conditions, they ought to be investigated and the guilty party punished.”

Now, it didn’t stop at that. The COVID-19 mandatory break has forced everyone to the confines of their homes. These warmongering executives were now forced to work from home. Meaning they had lost their battlefield. But, as Unionist, they improvised, and they relied on WhatsApp messenger to serve as the new boxing ring where they throw insults at each other.

Earlier this week, Thursday to be exact, news broke out that the Students’ Union President, Comrade Fadare Blessing was going to be on air to discuss students’ welfare and a number of other things on Amuludun FM. Unfortunately, it was cancelled as the radio management said that most of the matter would be critical to the government and they would like to have a deeper investigation.

Brittle excuse, if you’d ask me, as the radio station ought to know the gravity of the situation before inviting our President. We were still all rolling our eyes at the silliness of the excuse, then we saw a rebroadcast FESSA President, Comrade Oseni who said; “Dead on arrival. After his failure to be responsive when students need his intervention We will keep hoping and watching. But I will rather stand where the interest of my members will be the priority not for trading as usual.”
This sparked issues within the SUG camp again, the full list of the latest rancour hasn’t been made privy to us, as even the SRC was involved this time. And from what was gathered fingers were being pointed at supposed saboteurs of the Fadare-led administration. We tried to reach out to the fighting factions but neither were willing to speak on the matter.

Student Union President; The Polytechnic, Ibadan

Press Council correspondent spoke with an SRC member from the faculty engineering who revealed that.
“I can’t really say much,
But I’m aware of the hatred between them, The whole house knows.”
Then we also spoke with a student, Comrade Oluremi who didn’t hide her disappointment.
“First of, It’s a blow on the SUG President’s face. It shows that he’s not capable of holding the house together.
Whatever may be the cause of their rifts, violence shouldn’t be an option. What shall we then say if the SUG is found destroying the school’s properties in the process of exchanging blows? It speaks a lot of their capabilities and mental state. It shows they lack emotional intelligence. Last time I checked, there a 1001 ways to resolve issues without being physical. They all should be brought to book.”

Now, we the populace wonder what the Students’ Union SRC has to say about this matter, they have kept mute about this matter and haven’t deemed it fit to resolve this issue that dents the image of the entire Union.

Press verdict? It will be useless to call for a ceasefire of the warring factions who have no intention of stopping.
We call that the legislature, Judiciary committee and Management take a bold step and look into this irregularities. Simply because, most of these discord is due to selfish reasons, and not for differences in idea in the solidarity fight for the students which in turn can become a loop hole for unrest on campus . An open wall is where the lizard enters.

In the end, Aristotle propounded that men are political animals that will always fight for domination against each other in the quest for decision making. There is bound to be violence and grounds but when a consensus is reached, then it’s a collective effort.
However, this can’t be ascertained in the case of Polyibadan leaders as one would still ask the question;
Is this the aluta struggle they promised the students, or a selfish struggle for their purse, or fame.

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