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By Press Council

In a bid to find answers to the questions and what actually resulted in the hike in price of the hostel fee, the press council crew decided to reach out to the contractor who heads the renovation of the structure, Otunba Oluseye Opatoki, the Managing Director of New Jordan Nigeria Limited double as an alumnus of the school as well as a one-time Oyo state gubernatorial aspirant for more details.

Press Council: What brought about the revamping of the school hostel?
Hostel Developer; After so many years of the erection of these residential halls, there are no significant renovations made on these buildings, resulting in decays and the hostel’s bad condition. And to provide an enabling environment for The student of The Polytechnic Ibadan, the school management and the Engr Seyi Makinde led administration has taken a heavy-duty upon their shoulder to make this development a reality.
I am also an alumnus of this great citadel of learning, and there is nothing that would bring me joy than to see the students in my alma Mata enjoying the same facilities I enjoyed back in my school days.
The initial state of the school hall of residences was in a devastating condition; the best we can do as concerned stakeholders is to give the students the best facilities they ought to enjoy.

Press Council: What’s the current state of the hostel? Are they ready to be allocated?
Hostel Developer: Definitely, as of this moment, Rhamat, Olori, Orisun, and four buildings of the unity Hall are ready and in good shape to be allocated. And by weekend, all the six buildings of Unity will be ready for allocation.
Press Council: These new changes will bring about a change in the price of accommodations?
Hostel Developer: definitely, it will affect the prices of the accommodation. The level of dilapidation on those buildings is severe because there has not been any form of repair for over fifty years of erection. The buildings were in terrible conditions, and they required thorough renovation.
When we got the hostel renovation contract, the goods’ price was moderate as of last year October. When we started the project, the cost of goods skyrocketed, resulting in a change in the budget. Apart from that, there are a lot of facilities that will be brought on board. The power supply of the hostels will change totally as we guarantee the students stable electricity, enabling them to have more study time.
We have stopped students from fetching water; to make the increase in price worth it, we now have water running through all hostels. Students can easily access water from the comfort of their rooms.
All hostels will have big halogens in the hall and outside the hall. The area will be well lighted, and there will be street lights from the Unity hostel down to the South campus.
Every problem students could have in the hostels has been resolved. Electricity, water, security ànd all other facilities are now in place in every hall of residence in the school.
We are working towards making the hostels better and more preferably than residential spaces outside the school. With time, subsequent development will be made every year to make The Polytechnic, Ibadan halls of residence as good as every good hostel in other Nigerian institutions.

Press Council: twice the amount is a huge development. Do you think students will find the price comfortable looking at the situation of the country?
Hostel Developer: The school management is in no way trying to reap off the students. The renovation of the hostel was more like building new structures because the level of dilapidation was severe. And for us to put the building in good shape, it is demanding.
After several talks with school management, they have tried in their best capacity as the initial fee was stated at N80,000 but was renegotiated to N40,000. This is the cheapest we can go, considering the level of the amendment.
Many institutions all over Nigeria pay triple of that, but we don’t want, in any way want to inconvenience the students; that was why we reached an agreement of N40,000. My intention is not money but to make available maximum enjoyment for students as a private developer and as one-time Welfare Secretary of this institution’s student union.

Press Council: is the hostel compulsory for all students?
Hostel Developer: the school management has made the hostel compulsory for fresher’s HND 1 and ND 1 students. This is because they are new in the school’s educational system, and it is reasonable for them to stay in the hostel to get used to the environment.
The country’s security is depressing right now, but staying in the hostel will guarantee these newly admitted students’ maximum security. Transportation fees will be cut short for them, and they will have more time to focus on their studies.
Therefore, they shouldn’t secure accommodations outside the school because the hostel has been made enabling and suitable for accommodation.

Undoubtedly, the renovation of these halls of residence is a huge development as it shows that the school management is genuinely after the welfare of every student in its jurisdiction.
Without being biased, the hostels have been revamped to be one of the best abode for students of the institution as the government, in collaboration with the school management, has ensured security, a serene atmosphere, and necessary facilities. Indoor games and other relaxation facilities are few of the other things promised to make their stay fun and enjoyable. It is indeed a job well done.

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