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By Joshua Adétúnjí

Following the hike in fuel price across the country, the Oloyede Okikiola led administration, has met with bodies regulating transportation in The Polytechnic, Ibadan.

The meeting, which was held at the North Campus of the institution had the Students’ Union executive, members of the Students’ Representative Council, departmental, faculty, indigenous presidents, members of the Press, alongside executives of transportation bodies on campus, in attendance.

While addressing the need to increase the transportation price on campus, the representatives of the commuters expressed the rigour their members go through before getting fuel and the price it is being sold to them.

In response to the new transportation prices proposed by the transportation bodies in the institution, student leaders disagreed with the proposal, and also commented on some attitudes of the commuters, which often lead to rifts and controversies between the transporters and the students.

Reaching a consensus, the Students’ Union President, Comrade Oloyede Okikiola, implored the concerned bodies to be compassionate in such issue, stating that the hike in fuel price did not effect an increment on salaries nor reduce the cost of commodities in the country.

Announcing the agreed new prices, the Students’ Union emphasized that the prices are temporal and would be effective with immediate effect.
While reacting to the outcome of the meeting, the Chairman POLYCAB Union, Lawrence Akinbamire, explained to Press Council, that the increment of the price is to the benefit the students as well.

“The reason we made it ₦100 is to encourage out members not to boycott Sango. The ₦100 would make us push out our members to Sango without complaining” – he said.

“If you know what it takes to maintain a bus, in addition to the hike in fuel price, you will understand with us that we are being considerate with the price we proposed. There are times that we will come inside school with full passenger, but will have to return on empty passenger, where do we calculate all these?” a motorist questioned.

Speaking on behalf of the Chairman, Tricycle Association, Mr Moruf Adedoja, explained other financial crises the cyclist are facing.

“The spare part of a tricycle is more expensive than that of some cars. As small as one tyre of a tricycle is, it is more expensive than that of a car. But we won’t consider these things, because we believe that it is God that can bless our handwork.”

The Chairman, Bike Association, lamented how the prices have been affecting the association.

“We’ve had members that left after a month or two, just because they couldn’t bear the fixed price we’re operating with. And people like us that are still around, are here because of our good heart. So the new price we’re proposing isn’t because of anything but for the welfarism of both the students and the bike men as well” – he said.

The Speaker, Senate House, Popoola Idris promised to ease the stress of the transporters, by securing an alternative for transporters to get fuel around the institution.

“We are all affected about the hike on fuel price, and for our bike men and bus drivers, the SRC members and the SUG executives will brainstorm and see what we can do.” he promised.

The meeting came to an end after new prices were agreed on. The prices are:


Sango to North – #80
North to Sango – #80
Other movements within the campus remain #50


Sango to Apete – #120
Apete to Sango – #120
Apete to South – #100
Sango to North – #100
North to South – #70
South to Music – #50
North to 1000 capacity – #70
North to Music / Health Centre – #50
Apete to Music/ Health Centre – #70


South to North – #70
Other movements within the campus remain #50

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