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Timothy O. O. & B. A. A. Adebayo.

It was with amusement when it was revealed that examination will not hold contrary to earlier Press Release sent across on 17th January, 2021 by the SUG through its PRO Comrade Akinpelu Ahmed Olayinka, thereby misleading students (FENG, FSC & FFMS precisely ND2 and HND1) that exam would hold from Tuesday, the 19th of January, 2021.

On reaching the school, students are met with the harsh reality that examinations are not prepared for by the management, therefore, the broadcast was simply, fake news.

Chatting with the Dean, S. A. DR. Ajibola said, “There will be no examinations today. The management will communicate with the students when the exams would begin. Because they are trying to put certain things in place for the smooth running of exams.”

The Press Council tried fruitlessly to get anything concrete from the Union. However, the Students’ Union executives (PRO & TREASURER) made it known through online media platform, WhatsApp, insisting that examinations will hold this week. This time we hope is the truth.

This confusion has put students in a state of confused frenzy as this is the second time in January when they have prepared for exams only to be disappointed. One, of course, would wonder why it would be the Students’ Union, representing the students, that would be instrumental in putting the students through needless trauma.

Press Council correspondents reached out to concerned students who shared their earnest opinion on the issue. First of was Feyisara Martins, A student in HND 1, department of Physics with Electronics. “I feel the SUG or students leaders generally has something they will gain if the exam starts that’s why they were in a rush to release a statement about the exams starting.
And this also shows that the SUG does not have a good relationship with the management because if they do, they won’t have given a false news.”

Finally, we spoke with Temitope Enitan, a student of Mechanical Engineering ND 2 and she complained bitterly. “I’m not going to live, I was angry when I was told that the exams won’t hold. I understand that this is my life and I should take it seriously but I’m also not supposed to study in such conditions. The truth is that if the whole 2020 was a waste and I don’t deserve to be put under such stress and confusion by the SUG and the management, fake news is a crime. The students Union should know they’ve committed a crime against us. It’s unfair.”

“I wonder why Students who’s been examined by the Management now becomes the sole determinant for the schedule of examining co-students like them”, says Ayobami a student from FBCS. Also, if Management were to be certain about examination procedures as stated by the Union through its PRO, there should have been a circular, text message, memo or some information from them because examination is not something the institution would joke with and carry it out indiscriminately. Hence, what should have been done by a diplomatic and dynamic Leader ought to be a proposition not a form of affirmation claiming some self-gratifying message or information.

On the other hand, the Union’s Information is something that should be very concrete with high serenity which should be 70% accurate and factual but these days, I think it’s obsessively abnormal for them to mislead thousands of heads though we’ll be faulting LAI Mohammed but you’re a Lai in your domain and I won’t say you’re lying but if you’re fighting for the masses, let something sink , “”Service to Humanity is the best work of Life” .

This lag is as a result of the JOINT IMPLEMENTATION COMMITTEE (NASU, SSANIP etc.) industrial action that took place last week, and shutting down of the school entrances. A statement from this committee got leaked stating that they have granted the school a two-week-window to complete the examinations. It might be as a result of this that the SUG wrongfully and brashly assumed that examinations would resume at the earliest point.

However, students are hereby advised to stay put and await a response from the management which would come before the end of the week, tentatively, on the resumption of exams.

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