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October 17, 2021
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Nicking into a deep thought, ideas decaying into the memory of the sound whispering into my hearings. Extending ideas, opinions, observations and what is worth to be the available means for public consideration but money and position is doing the talking. Ditching out ideas even if it`s unacceptable, but who dares question the man in AUTHORITY? Or the man who`s got the paper in the wallet? Of course, no one, YES! No one. But only the brave and the fearless can and if they do, possibly critics and troubles awaits, at the corner of the room.

Land where there are rules, regulations and codes guiding the conduct and behavior of every individual, some are still being made an object of derision by clueless or routine presidents.

This is not a call to critics but a call to challenge of duty!

Over the years, deep and nonsensical political ideology is politicking and chopping off the nutrients of; genuine leadership, selfless acts and portrayal of ideal citizenry in the course of discharging duties.

Presidency (leadership) is a position hundreds of people aspires to mount but the exhibition of presidency is now a position none or little is justifying when sited on the position. The tenacity, strength and rigor at which many Departmental, Faculty, Indigenous Association, Social Organization and most especially the Student Union Government Presidents interpose into their struggle when aspiring for respective positions dies at the point of investiture, handling over ceremony  and inauguration. At this juncture, all passion will be diverted into personal and selfish interest.


My definition of Routine President is a president that executes the same project, programs and engages in activities his/her predecessors have been executing without the adoption of any innovative ideas in the course of execution. In a simple sentence, a routine president or leader is a person that lacks innovative ideas.

It baffles me to keep seeing on yearly basis programs and materials like Souvenirs, Orientation, Omo Ilu Day, Departmental Day, pathetically Eba Day and all kinds of social gathering by each administration without any innovative ideas even though they are done at the extreme end of respective administration. Can you do the same thing and expect new result?

The question you should ask yourself is, how have I been able to contribute if not immensely but little towards the academic race of students on campus? I know many of you would hold unto the fact that the unfortunate Corona Virus interrupted your sole intention or… your administration isn`t over yet. It`s quite fine, because I said it earlier in my statement that this is not critics but a call to challenge your proficiency and your leadership ideology. There is still time to make amendments and there is still time to prove me wrong.

It saddens my heart to see the establishment of Federation of Indigenous Association President (FIAP) without a corresponding objective that will directly affect the subscribers positively. The question arises, should Indigenous Association and other allied organizations fee be mandatory or optional? Hence, students pay through their nose at their faculty level registration.

I would be sending this out like an advice to the FIAP, you can all pool resources together to organize a cultural competition amidst your members, and I think that would do to elate students’ educational sensitivity rather than fighting for the increment of Indigenous dues without a corresponding project to justify the dues you get from subscribers. This applies to Departmental, Faculty and SUG Presidents without being bias in my statement.

I know you might defend yourself by saying you haven`t ended your administration, but the point remains, this is not a call to critics but a call to challenge your proficiency in your office.

I refused to be bamboozled by the nuts embedded in your respective manifestoes at the moment of your ascension unto the position you fill right now. Without people asking you how far you are doing about the contents filled in your respective manifestoes, you should constantly question yourself also.

I heard of an Indigenous President who personally inflated the Dues by ₦100 without the consent of the Deanery, I wonder what kind of democracy we practice in the most prestigious State owned Polytechnic in the most populous Black Country in the world.

Federation of Oyo State Students` Union (FOSSU) is a conglomerate of students in Oyo State, my question is, why should dues be imposed by the Local Governments under FOSSU? Students are paying through their nose in order to proceed in their respective registration at the Faculty. Are you leading us or enslaving us? That’s the question that should keep ruminating in your heart all through this moment.

With the microscopic look of things, The Polytechnic, Ibadan is a small version of the Federal Republic of Nigeria where students are being led and things are being done as if we are running a BANANA REPUBLIC system.

A banana republic system is a system where leaders act, behave and implement policies as they are pleased. Apparently, No one to check on their actions. These are the set of individuals who sit in the space of dialogue to criticize the government of the federation and possibly the state government basically on activities and policies laid down to administer the activities of government body.

My question for you is, are you a ROUTINE PRESIDENT or A PRESIDENT BY CONDITION?

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