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  • By: Adetunji Joshua

The 1000 Capacity Lecture theatre has become dreadful for students of Mass Communication ND2 as the theater now harbours robbers, and miscreants who intimidate students right under the supervision of the ASO guards.

Subsequent to the ASCOM week, the Public Address system was stolen in the lecture theatre, and according to the duties of the ASO guards, as once stated by a guard, is to watch over the facilities and equipment in and around the lecture theatre.

Few weeks ago, a fight broke out amidst the people who trade wares at the lecture theatre. The fight which was said to be caused by a well known adornment trader, trying to ward off anyone trying to rival her trade, in the process, molesting a student, though not a Mass communication student but of the institution, whom was later fond of trading her wares from one class to another in other to sponsor her schoolings. The fight which the ASO guards didn’t intervene in time led to the end of the day’s class activities.

The week later, the class activities ended abruptly due to the sudden fight that broke out amidst some students, the cause of which wasn’t told even by some eye witnesses. The fight was so intense that clothes were torn and heavy logs of wood was the weapon used. Though, an ASO guard tried to intervene, but he only did from afar, he didn’t move closer to the scene as he ought to.

The latest incident that almost got the ASO guard on duty thrashed by students was the case of which iPhone XX Max and another iPhone product was collected from students in a bright day. The students were reported to be having a nice time outside the classroom when two/three miscreants came over, greeted them and later threatened them by breaking bottles before the students, and then carting away the phones. A victim who reported to the DSS emphasized on to the fact that the ASO guard saw everything that happened, but ran back inside when the guys started breaking bottles.

The ASO guard, trying to vindicate himself said,”students are to report to us whenever there is an issue, how am I supposed to know what was going on when you people didn’t report”.

“Baba! Baba!! Baba!!!, you know this is the third time issue like these are being reported from this place, don’t let me take this case up with you” an outraged DSS officer blasted the ASO guard. However, till the arrival of some notable Bead men with class, the robbers on the run are yet to be caught and the ASO guards are still trying to protect their names.

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