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  • By God’s Calligraphy

The Persian had me dance to no tune
I swallowed onion bulbs, the least of my terrible moment
I was rich and healthy
Rich but frustrated
Healthy in quandary and depressed
Varying saga of reverent memories of sorrow
Diet, an enemy of my kind of being

Wearing heavy make-up became my assignment
Who would I tell what caused the scars on my face
When all I call beauty has been massacred to being egregious
Encroached my territory, chicks not of my age and status
My dream before I got married turned into a nightmare
A shadow of the real jazz
Stale and scaled to zero, that’s my position in my own house
The heavy duvet to cover my terribly wounded skin

I do not look like the one who gladly said Yes the other day
Jilted and left to suck regrets
If I can’t satisfy you any longer why can’t you leave me to live a life
A good life at least, I’m a woman not a punch bag
I’m beautiful, you saw that before you knelt before me.
If I’m no more beautiful, you’re the source
Prince of Persia, my dear husband
How long will I live with a wolf who decides to kill me bit by bit?
What name would I give my military partner who shows me the picture of hell?
I have a life to live
Our kids wouldn’t want me leave
But all my efforts you could only sieve
The Prince of Persia, become an honor of Peace
Make me a Woman!

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