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By: Adeniji Sodiq Ademola

The President of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Com. Lucky Emonefe, has issued a directive via a memo to all Zonal Coordinators of NANS, urging them to take immediate and decisive action on critical issues affecting student unions in various institutions across the country.

In the memo dated 11 January, 2024, Emonefe expressed his deep concern about the ongoing suspension and scrapping of student unions, the delay in the conduct of SUG elections in some institutions, and the imposition of caretaker committees in place of elected student representatives.

He said these developments were detrimental to the fundamental rights of students to organize and represent themselves, and also stifled the democratic processes within the campuses. He said they created an environment of fear and silence, hindering the ability of students to raise their voices and advocate for their rights.

He called upon all Zonal Coordinators to liaise with the managements of all universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education in their respective zones and emphasize the reinstatement of Suspended/Scrapped Unions, Conduct of SUG Elections and Opposition to Caretaker Committees.

He urged the Zonal Coordinators to act with urgency and resolve in addressing these issues, and to utilize all available avenues, including dialogue, advocacy, and peaceful protests, to ensure the reinstatement of suspended unions, the conduct of SUG elections, and the rejection of caretaker committees.

He reminded them that the future of student activism and the democratic processes within the campuses depended on their collective action, and asked them to stand united and fight for the rights of all Nigerian students to have a voice and participate in the shaping of their educational experience.

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