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Toheeb Babalola

Not less than one hundred students from the Unity Hall of Residence protested over lack of water supply and other basic amenities.

As early as 06:30am, today, the aggrieved students blocked the major roads at North campus of the institution, denied lecturers and staff entrance to their various offices.

Speaking with the press council correspondent, a student who pleaded anonymity stated that, there has been outage of electricity, shortage of water at the Unity Hostel for weeks. Adding that, many of them went a mile to fetch water for domestic chores. He further disclosed that they had lodged complaint as regards the issues to the hall warders but yielded to nothing.

While addressing the aggrieved students at the spot, the Public Relation Officer, Mr. Adewale Soladoye, begged them to allow peace to reign, and noting the management are currently finding solutions to all issues and irregularities on campus.

Alhaji Adewale Soladoye asked the unitarians to present their representatives and formally lodged their complaints on the round table with the management.

It was a peaceful protest and no properties were damaged.

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