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By: Akinyemi Samson & Tundé Jr. Adebayo.

On Thursday, 12th March 2020, Press Council met with the institution’s Chief Security Officer, (CSO) Mr Waheed Ajao and spoke at length with him concerning the security state of the campus.

PCC: Can we meet you, sir?
CSO: Yes, I am Mr Waheed Ojerinde Ajao. Retired Assistant Superintendent of Police, currently the Chief Security Officer of The Polytechnic, Ibadan.
PCC: considering your vast experience in this line of work sir, what philosophy do you have for us in the polytechnic, Ibadan. For the students in particular?
CSO: the main thing is just to advise the students on the ground rules. They should shun thuggery, shun cultism. And that they should follow the institution’s dress code, have normal haircuts. If you follow these basic rules, then you will enjoy this campus. You are here to study and not to be a criminal. Be it fighting, stealing, cultism or raping. And this work is that of every individual in this school, everyone is a stakeholder, from the Rector to the students.

PCC: Sir, as a father and an experienced Police Officer, you would be well versed in the security problems of a higher institution. Sir, what are the security issues you’ve noticed even before your appointment, and what manner do you have to tackle them?
CSO: Yes, I served in Sango Police Station for seven years before I was transferred to Lagos, where I retired. Back in the days, we have ears in the school, and I perform my duty properly then. For example, if there was a riot, we seat around the table with the SUG and other stakeholders, questioning them for reasons and solutions so as the curb future reoccurrence.

PCC: Thank you, sir. We learnt that the gate to Apete town has been sealed, however, we all remain oblivious to the reason.
CSO: thank you. This is a very good question. Apete gate has become a threat to the institution. Whenever bad boys want to enter the school, they do so with this entrance, they come through the gates with their motorcycle. So, the management sat and reached a compromise that the gate should be shut. That being said, we have the pedestrian left available for the students’ access, but they shall still be duly searched before gaining entrance. I’ll be honest, that gate is a threat, and it is closed for security purpose.

PCC: Thank you, sir. We will like to ask sir, what is the relationship between the ‘Operation Burst’ and the school’s security men?
CSO: That’s a good question too. Operation Burst has been assisting this institution, and we’ve got a good rapport with them, so whenever we call for assistance in the school, they always answer us, they patrol this institution every day. And often accompanied by the DSS. I can assure you that the management is really trying when it comes to security, and you are in safe hands.

PCC: So, Sir, you know the students of these days are prone to indecent dressing and we like to engage in ourselves in all manner of negativity. Now, what are the sanctions that are likely to be dealt upon anyone caught disobeying the laid down rules of this institution? Be it, Cultism, fighting or indecent dressing.
CSO: Yes, you mentioned fighting, that’s criminal in nature and the punishment for that is between one or two semesters, depending on the verdict of the disciplinarian panel. That is the same punishment for examination malpractice and fraudulent registration. And as for improper dressing, they often get away with a stern warning, be it satellite or freshmen. And as for a thief, that is simply expulsion.

PCC: Thank you, sir, for having this chat with us despite your tight schedule. It is a great honour; we’ll like to ask for your general advice to students.
CSO: Yes… you are welcome. I think I advised them earlier to obey the rules, and I will repeat, everyone is a security stakeholder, we can’t do this alone, if you see something, say something.

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