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October 17, 2021
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The Irresistible Dish of West African Moimoi

By Adegoke Awau

Moimoi which is called Ole by the Yorubas is a West African steamed beans, made from a mixture of washed and pealed Bean called ( Ewa oloyin), onions and fresh pepper. It is a healthy and protein rich food that widely eaten by west Africans, especially Nigerians.
Moimoi is prepared by first washing the beans to remove the fine outer covering or peal. Then by adding the onions and fresh pepper and ready to be grounded. Salt, Maggi cube, Fried fish , vegetable oil or any edible oil,such as palm oil and also be used, sliced boiled egg and hot water are added to liven up the moimoi.

Moimoi usually comes in a slanted pyramid slap shape or rounded shape based on the materials used. The slanted pyramid slap shape, which comes from the traditional broed” ewe eran”( Thaumatococcus Danielle) which is believed that it add nutrients to the moimoi. And it it fashioned into a cone on ones plan , then the seasoned and garnished liquid is poured into the leaves, and it then folded. While others shapes comes from cansof milks or liylons. Once this is done , it is placed in a large big potand filled with little water to steam the moimoi.

Moimoi can be eaten alone or can be eaten with various combinations like Ogi, Bread, Eko,Garri, Rice and Indome.

There’s no specific time of the day one can eat moimoi. Some prefered eaten it with bread as a snack, with rice as a meal or with Ogi ad a break fast or super and also be taken with garri with chilled water.in the afternoon.

West Africans especially Nigerians, love moimoi so much that it’s prepared every single day. Some specially prepared it to sell, to make a living and in some homes, they make it their routine in their home to be cooked every weekends

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