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By: Emiola Shukroh Adedolapo

The 2023 SUG Olympics football match between the Mass Communication Department and the Library and information science department started at exactly 12:18pm, with a lot of tackles, dribbles, shots and skills from both teams’, with all chances of scoring a goal not coming into reality.

Both teams came out on fire after the break, as they respectively hit the ball on targets through many attempts, but the mass communication Department was fortunate to hit the ball to the net through a good kick from the striking player.

After several other much dribbling and an attempt to score a goal, a foul was committed in the box, resulting in a penalty kick in favour of the Mass Communication Department, which led to the second goal in the match.

The Mass Communication Department meticulously managed the game to seal the win by scoring the 3rd goal in the game at exactly 1:20pm, to make the final score of the match 3-0.

To watch the highlights of the match, use the link below.

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