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May 21, 2022


Press Council

The Student Union Government, under the leadership of Comrade Adedamola Adedeji has kicked against the commencement of the second semester examination.

In a leaked memo, Press Council gathered that the Student Union body has given the management of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, the conditions the institution need to meet before the commencement of the final examination.

According to the memo, the second semester examination will not hold if the management of the institution refuses to meet the nine (9) conditions disclosed in the memo.

  1. All previous semester results to be released and pasted before 24 hours.
  2. All previous score sheets should be sent to all departments so all results can be inputted.
  3. The PT students must complete their unfinished exams before full-time starts.

4. All students residing in all hostels must fee comfortable during the examination period, i.e in terms of water and electricity.

  1. General portal issues should be cleared.
    i.Course form issues of all students in each department.
    ii. For example, student of Accountancy that is displaying SLT on their portal
    iii. We need a working portal
    iv. Some of our students can’t pay their fees, this isn’t their fault but due to the portal error
    v. Some students in HND1/ND1 haven’t been cleared, this made them not to pay their school fees.
    vi. To (v) above, they can’t register for EED as at now, if exam commence, it is automatic carryover.
  2. We need a working examination timetable where as, carry over courses won’t affect present courses and no lecturer will collect our students’ paper when there’s still time.
  3. All project student must be attended to before we commence our exam, some lecturers are delaying our project student and we want the management to look into this.
  4. All bushes in the school and examination halls environs must be cleared before we commence this examination.
  5. The academic calendar states 2 weeks for marking and recording and a week for finalizing results; we want this to happen after our final examination.” it says.

However, the memo pleaded with the concerned offices to act on their demands to avoid reactions from aggrieved students.

The memo was signed by the Student Union president, Comrade Adedeji Abdulazeez Adedamola, and the General Secretary of the Union Comrade Lateef Roqeeb Oladimeji

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