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By Ogunwale Mattew & Alex Victor.

        The high-value seminar which was organised by the Student Union Government (SUG) The Polytechnic, Ibadan on the 18th November 2020 held at the Assembly hall within the institution kicked off at about 11:54 am with honouring of the SUG executives.

      The opening speech which was given by Pastor Ayo, he went on to prepare the mind of the student about the objective of the seminar, which was powered by getting Inspired Incorporated. He said the objective is to understand life after school, keys to getting your dream job in the midst of 21st-century job competitiveness and starting your own business while in school.

      Presentation of the first paper title “keys to getting your dream job in the midst of the 21st-century job competitiveness”, Enmali Agbadi said that everyone need’s a Google map in their lives and the google map is their vision. He went to reveal that a good curriculum vitae (CV) matters and He also disclose the attitude one must have when seeking for a job.

   The second presentation was taken by Mr. Ayodeji Makinde, he spoke about “understanding life after school”, he talked about the top ten(10) skills student need to have in the 21st century to be successful, from complex problem-solving skills to public flexibility and he then advises the student to be confident.

      Mr. Sam Ogunnike took the thrid presentation titled “starting your own business while in school [Entrepreneurship] he told the student that in starting a job, you need to be exceptional. He further said that if you know where you are going distraction is minimal, if you know where you are going your journey is short, if you know how to get there your journey is shorter, if you know who is there your journey is the shortest.

    The closing remark was given by, The Student Union Government (SUG) Treasurer Comrade Mustaspha Titilope Elizabeth, she appreciated the student that came, she further told everyone to complete their registration on due time. She ended her speech with a quote by Bob Marley stating that students should. “Emancipate yourself from every form of mental slavery.”

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