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By Press Council.

The management of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, has reiterate that her previous memoranda still stands, subjecting activities proving otherwise illegal.

According to the memo made available to Press Council, it was deduced that the management of the institution had sensed some Department, Faculty, and Associations, had ignored the embargo earlier placed by the management, by embarking on these activities, which the institution has addressed to be “illegal”.

“The above is in respect of the information that some Department/Faculty, Associations and Students’ Union continues selling Student Association/Union Receipts, I.D. Card Holders, Lapel, Neck-mesh and other students’ insignia unabated.” -the memo read.

The management has hereby enjoined to put the “illegal” activities on hold “as the management of the institution has not lift the embargo on such yet”.

“Students are strictly warned to desist from those activities mentioned here and the like, as any student caught on such act will be sanctioned.” the memo warned.

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