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By Adeniji Sodiq

In a memo released by the Students’ Union Government of The Polytechnic, Ibadan earlier today, dated June 10th, 2023, it has been announced that students have been given a one-week extension to register their course forms on their portals as the penalty fee has been removed.

The memo stated that the union had first met with the Management when the penalty fee was pegged at N20,000, and it was subsequently reduced to N5,000, and they eventually pleaded with the management to remove it entirely, which has just been approved, taking effect from today June 10th, 2023 to June 16th, 2023.

The memo also emphasized the importance of timely fee payment and course registration, as the management has only graciously approved a one-week extension.

With the extension now in place, students can now register their course forms on the portal until the new deadline date. The student union government has urged students to take advantage of this opportunity and avoid any last-minute rush, which may lead to a penalty fee for defaulters.

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