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By Joshua Adetunji

The Polytechnic, Ibadan, has tightened the security of the institution by bringing Amotekun on board.

As students resumed classes on Monday, operatives of the Western Security Network, codenamed Amotekun, were spotted at the three major entrances to the campus and some hotspots in the institution, verifying students’ identity and maintaining peace and other on campus.

The operatives were also scrutinizing every vehicle and each passenger on board. Their patrol vehicles were also seen, surveying the institution from the South to the North campus. This applaudable act of the management is of no doubt, a move to put an end to insecurities on campus.

It could be recalled that following some incidents that occurred on campus last week, the Student Union Government, under the leadership of Comrade Adedeji Ademola, had instructed every student to stay at home, while a series of meetings were held with concerned departments and individuals in the institution as regards providing solutions to the security situation on campus.

The outcome of the meetings has nevertheless, brought about change in the security condition on campus as students now feel secure with the awareness that Amotekun is somewhere around, maintaining peace and order in the institution.

Although, while imploring students to resume back to class, the Student Union Government, in a released memo, disclosed that various security outlets like Amotekun, DSS, State CID, and Operation Burst, have been approached and brought on board, but at the time of this report is being gathered, operatives of Amotekun are the only security outfit spotted on campus.

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