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  • Obatowon Victoria

Sequel to the security measures being taken by the Management on campus, The Polytechnic, Ibadan is on a new infrastructure on the completion of the fencing across the four walls of the institution.

It has been a wish in the hearts of the students on campus to learn and live in an environment that is fully secured, but for some couple of years, students have been in a serene environment that lacks adequate security as regards it’s building, but accolades to the management of the institution for their hearts of wisdom.

Specifically, at the staff quarters at music, the issue of theft has been a rampant issue at the lodge where students reside, whose lives are at stake, and often times after the theft, the open space has been an escape route for the thieves.

This act has been a problem in the heart of the residents of the said quarters as they are open to more insecurity without the fence. Fortunately, some days ago, work already commenced in erecting the fence that link the sewage fence with the Apete fence.

Also, at the bypass way from the main entrance to the Apete gate, it’s been blocked as well as a means to curb students’ ill-mannered acts of bad dressing, and other acts that won’t make them qualified to pass through the gate.

Students’ therefore urge the management to further their responsibility by ensuring that this arrangement cut across other open spaces that exposes the institution to the outside world with no cause.

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