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By: Ajayi Toyyib Olabamiji

The instinct of acting in a particular way and the ability to deviate from something bad actually portrays how disciplined you tend to be. However, this is on the basis on which one was groomed.

Certainly, the level of morals one has is a reflection of the society, family or the peer group one belongs to. The fact remains that a child always embraces that kind of character as studied by people around him while growing up.

The discussion on morals is beyond the educational level. Nevertheless, the level of morals among students of tertiary institutions calls for an assessment as it is a reflection of the level of morals attained from their previous school level. Many students can not see their actions as bad behavior because of the kind of habit they indulge right from their high school days. Therefore, as a student at the tertiary institution level, there is no point in saying one is under influence ( peer group) rather than doing what one perceives to be right.

It is lack of morals that will make some set of students decide to interrupt the peace of a class while lectures are ongoing on the course of catching a cruise, which might lead to the force of a lecturer leaving the lecture hall just to satisfy the conscience of the so-called “cruise students.” 

In most cases, some students sit at different corners in class to make meaningless utterances opposing and diversifying the lecturer’s point. The instilled ways of doing things by any student, as said earlier, are inculcated right from their childhood stage. The institution and departmental handbook presented to each student by the faculty and departmental respectively, were not accessed by virtually 95% of all the students in The Polytechnic, Ibadan. Did you go through the handbook? Yes did you? 

The habit of not reading through the handbook does not allow you to even know your rights as a student, not to even to know the etiquette of the institution. Therefore, seeing an encounter with some lecturers who will not tolerate nonsense as a bad one, some will never allow you to stay in any of their classes if you dress indecently or you have tinted hair like a lady. They would rather do all they can do to discipline students who choose to be vagabonds.

The ability to differentiate between what’s right and wrong should require less directive from the authorities before doing the right thing. 

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