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By: Ambassador Smithen

Dear Mr. President,
As I reflect on the enchanting journey of your ascent to power, I am filled with awe and admiration. From the stirring days of your campaign, where your words ignited hope like sparks in the night, to the day of your Manifesto on live radio. The day you got elected, to the resounding moment of your inauguration, where the air shimmered with promises – I have stood witness to your remarkable journey.

Congratulations on assuming the mantle of leadership as the President of the Students Union Government at The Polytechnic, Ibadan. Your victory at the polls was a clear indication of the trust and confidence that the students have in you and your vision for the institution.
Yet, amidst the jubilation of your first 48 hours in office, it behooves us to acknowledge the daunting challenges that await your stewardship. These challenges, long neglected like forgotten spells by previous administrations, now beckon for your magical touch to dispel the shadows that have plagued our hallowed halls. They have become a source of frustration and dissatisfaction for the students, who look up to you and your administration to make a difference and steer our institution towards greatness.

Foremost among these challenges, lies the vexing issue of transportation. Students face a range of challenges in the hands of the institution transporters (bike riders, tricycle riders and bus drivers). Like elusive spirits, our transporters wield their power capriciously, leaving students stranded in a labyrinth of uncertainty. Transporters always complaining of not having ‘change’ (currency denomination) to the students, thereby leaving the students with no option than to, more often than not, leave the change with them, which is not fair on the students if you ask me.
In the same vein, we have come to realize that transporters have the habit of selecting destination they feel like going to students, casting spells of frustration upon us.

Last week, I experienced a student who stopped a bike rider, telling him that he is heading to South, but the biker refused to take him, unless he’s heading to Sango. At times, it would be that they want to go South and not Sango. Most importantly, on the issue of transporters, it is quite disheartening that they always refuse to go to some locations in the morning and evening period which are rush hours for students. I was a victim of this countless times during the just concluded examination period.

Another vital issue is the problem of bushy areas within and around the school premises. Classes, students hostels and huge part of the school premises is covered in bushes, and as a result of this, jeopardizes the wellbeing and safety of the students populace in the institution. We do not have Forestry Department in our dear institution but why are we keeping lots of forest? Though the bushes are trimmed periodically, their shadows still harbor unseen dangers, lurking like mythical beasts ready to pounce upon unsuspecting prey. It is time to banish these wild realms and restore safety to our sacred grounds.

Security, too, dances on the edge of our consciousness like a haunting melody. The wards of our institution should be sanctuaries of peace, yet the whispers of insecurity weave a discordant tune through the air. Mr. President, why can’t we have an environment with no ‘Big Brothers’ in it? I would suggest our security personnels be equipped with better training and equipments. Let us fortify our defenses and stand as guardians against the encroaching darkness.

Ah, the enigmatic portal, a labyrinth of digital mysteries where time stands still and frustrations abound. Mr President, I am sure it is not news that we have portal issues in this institution. Just today, I spent about an hour on the portal when I was trying to check my results from last session. Why does it have to take so long delaying the unveiling of our academic destinies? This is an institution that inhabits over 20,000 students, why can’t we have a proper students’ portal that is user friendly? Is that too much to ask for as a student? Let us summon forth a portal of clarity and efficiency, where students may navigate with ease and grace.

Not to be rude Mr. President, but have you seen all your results from last session? If yes, how long did it take you to see them? Weeks or Months? Just like you Mr. President, students results often get released late which in turn delay students from going to NYSC and also in applying for Direct Entry into other Universities, after their National Diploma Programme. I know a couple of people who are currently facing this challenge, especially the last graduated set. Even students currently in school also get affected by this, as they don’t get to know their weaknesses and strengths in various courses. Let’s get a lasting solution to this problem, Mr. President.

In the symphony of our challenges, let us not forget the humble toilet – a sanctuary often neglected, yet essential to our well-being. Let us cleanse our institution of its impurities and usher forth a new era of cleanliness and comfort. I appreciate the fact that public toilet was one of the things you said your Administration would look into as soon as you get elected. Mr. President, I just want to remind you that the institution lacks adequate number of public toilets for the students and the available ones in some strategic places such as; North Campus Main Pitch, South Campus Main Pitch, CEC Block and Sewage Lecture Halls are not functioning. While you are renovating the dilapidated toilets, it is important that you consider erecting new ones at other locations so that all students would be able to benefit from it. I mean, a student receiving lectures at the 1000 Capacity Hall should not have to travel to South or Middle Belt before he/she can access a toilet.

Well, Mr President, about 80% of the students populace learn under inconducive learning environment. Heat contributes to the high number of patients at the institution’s medical center, due to the fact that Students’ often faint in class. The lecture halls, laboratories, theatres, etc, are too small to accommodate the number of students admitted into the institution and this often leads to overcrowding.

And what of the elemental essence of electricity, the lifeblood that animates our world? Mr. President, the issue associated with electricity in The Polytechnic, Ibadan, is as old as the institution itself. Its flickering presence casts shadows upon our nights, leaving us in darkness more often than not. Just the other day, your Administration released a memo headlined “Imole De”, but Mr. President, that was all it was. Little or no changes has been made since then. Hostelites barely get 5 hours electricity daily. Is that the ‘Imole’ that arrived? We deserve better than that. Let us summon forth the true essence of light, illuminating our dormitories with the radiance of a thousand stars.

There are lots of other issues that arise in the hostel such as; inadequate water supply, amidst others, but I believe if there is proper supply of electricity, the other issues would be a thing of the past.

These are some of the salient challenges that the students are facing on a daily basis. While we look forward to seeing you fulfill the promises you made during the campaign and manifesto, we also urge you to recognize and address these challenges as soon as possible. You have the opportunity and the responsibility to make a lasting impact on the institution and the students. We hope that you will use your office and your influence to bring positive change and improvement to the institution.

Mr. President, this is not part of the challenges but it is important I state it: Your predecessor didn’t give us our dividend of democracy which we often get as a “souvenir” yearly. Yes, that notebook is important to us, Mr. President. Please do well to make timely provision of whatever you are giving us as a dividend of democracy in your Administration.
As you embark upon this journey, remember that you are not alone. We the students, stand beside you, our voices blending in harmonious chorus. You are our leader and our voice. Together, let us weave a tapestry of transformation, where dreams take flight and magic reigns supreme.

With unwavering faith and boundless hope, we entrust our destinies into your capable hands. May your reign be blessed with prosperity and wisdom, as you lead us into a future bright with promise. After all, you are the president of the students, by the students and for the students.

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