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May 21, 2022


By Thelma

Like music, students now chant their complaints about the challenges they encounter in their various halls of residence across the institution.

Every challenges students now face, ranging from water scarcity to insecurities among others; is fast becoming unbearable for them in their hostels, as there’s barely a day there won’t be a complaint about a fault or the other.

It could be recalled that before the privatization of the hostels last year, hostilities were able to cope with almost every challenge that comes their way, considering how affordable the hostel fee was back then. However, immediately after the privatization, the hostel fee was doubled; from twenty thousand nairas (#20,000) to forty thousand nairas (#40,000).

Despite the renovation after the privatization, a survey on the hostels has revealed how bad the situation of the hostel is. Students now complain of reptiles, rodents, and some harmful animals roaming the environment of the buildings.

“I was shocked when I heard forty thousand Naira as hostel fee, I had to wait with the hope that it would reduce since it was just twenty thousand during the last session, they said they were going to do bunks for bed, they didn’t. They promised us a refund since the money was reduced, see are yet to receive our payments. All they do is tell stories. The hostel’s grounds weren’t attended to. Different animals come in anyhow and it has become a norm already. Two different snakes have been found in two different residents’ rooms. So what’s now the essence of the increase when the major development promised are not fulfilled? -a hostel resident who pleaded anonymously said.

“I paid over forty thousand for the hostel since there wasn’t any other choice for we freshers, I thought the hostel would have changed but to my surprise, it was still the same, they only painted and ran water into the buildings” Since hostel has now been fixed at thirty thousand, The people in charge should return the remaining balance since they promised to do so”- an HND student who doubles as a resident also lamented.

Although, towards the end of the previous semester, the Student Union Government succeeded in beating down the price to Thirty Thousand Naira (#30,000) to be paid in installments. Hence, the categories of students who paid earlier (40k & 35k) are calling on the management to refund their balance.

” The only thing I want to hear now is for them to refund the excess balance we paid back to us. We kept writing down names, nothing has been done. Block C soakaway is barely covered, smells every time. They didn’t do anything about it. Even the water they run stopped at any time when the porters won’t pump. They should refund our balance else we would protest. Didn’t they receive their pay? Why should we suffer for what we didn’t know anything about?” another unidentified resident questioned.

The aggrieved students are hereby calling on the management of the institution to see to their demands “as soon as possible before it gets out of hand”.

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