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July 26, 2021

History Written Inside The Polytechnic, Ibadan as a Student Feeds Other Students with Food Items; Launches TRIPPLE A Charity Foundation; a Rescue for Students’ Welfarism.

Gbolagade Sunday

“I have no food to eat on that fateful day, I was sleeping in my hostel, after walking down from music where I finished receiving class at around 01:37pm on that Wednesday afternoon. I was coming back from mosque for prayer, I received a call from one of my seniors (she already introduced and preached the foundation to me earlier) that I am being shortlisted from that a foundation helping students with basic needs as food. Immediately, I quickly dressed up although I had made the necessary steps as explained to me. After I’ve done what’s required which is only submission of my name, the good news just that I should come for the relief package. On getting there, I thought it was just some kind of propaganda but to my surprise, I can’t even show how happy I am on getting to my hostel because this a kind, timely, correct and very wonderful comfort for me and to all beneficiaries. My prayer is that the person and everyone who has hand in making me smile will never know sorrow”. That was a beneficiary who spoke of the kind and generous gesture of Tripple A Foundation.

“I thought it’s a joke not until when I get there and see that truly the organization has the welfare and happiness of students at heart. If the Government could partner or some other big organization could support and put hand in this, then our nation will move from poverty because the person who is in charge of this program is someone who definitely needs to be in a higher position of authority. If you will do well when you’re at the top, it’s now when you’re at the bottom like us, then we’ll know if truly you’re or not”. This was the opinion of another beneficiary.

“This is my 5th year on campus and I have never witness this kind of great and sincere gesture with so much zeal to put smile on the face of students of The Polytechnic, Ibadan”, another beneficiary explained.
“I benefited from the program of the organization, sincerely the way it’s been handled is really for people like us and some others who needed it. It was done out of sincerity, honesty and kind-hearted of every one who has one or two contribution to it. My wish is that our leaders should learn from the convener so as to move the country forward”, another beneficiary said
“To me, what amazed me is that the initiative is from a student like me and I feel so energetic and aroused in spirit to do better to the society at my own level and manners which I can. What’s done by the organization is beyond the food. Hence, it’s a lesson that everybody must learn, to move this country forward, it’s between you and I”. That was the opinion of some of the beneficiaries who spoke to Press Council correspondent.

Tripple A Foundation a non-governmental organization keenly in the interest to cater for the welfare and comfort of the students especially at Tertiary Institution in Oyo State as Nigeria at large. The initiative which was convened by a student of The Polytechnic, Ibadan has been on the green book of some students, leaders and the Institution has large lately due to the splendid and astonishing idea to cater for the needs of Student who really need them.
It’s true that a friend in need is a friend indeed, this and many other factors are what triggered the birth of the organization which has over 1 month of inception, donated food and packages to over 200 Students free of charge. What really triggered the initiative?

It was a moment of repute and glamour as Tripple A Foundation, a non-governmental organisation was launched and set the pace for action. The foundation which is aimed at helping needy students majorly in higher institutions, promoting conducive environment for education, connecting youths, eradicating poverty and serving humanity with basic needs of life. The glorious and remarkable event held at Assembly Hall of The Polytechnic, Ibadan had the presence of the Rector of the institution represented by Dr. M.K. Lawal, the Special Adviser to Oyo State Governor on Youths and Sports, Hon. Bolarinwa Kazeem, Asiwaju Nurudeen Akinade a senior lecturer from SLT who also doubles as Staff Adviser of FIBSU and FOSSU, Alhaji Abdullahi Adesina; Chief Imam of Awotan Apete Ibadan, Mrs O.O Salawu, former Dean; Faculty of Science and host of others.

In his opening remark, Aare Raji Abdulmalik Adeniyi the convener of the organisation; is a student of Accountancy HND 2 and also the 2019/2020 president of Federation of Ibadan Students’ Union (FIBSU) of the institution. He rendered his gratitude towards the launching of the organisation.” My aim and aspiration are to serve humanity, cater for welfarism and wellbeing of people at my capacity”.
“This is the major zeal and drive behind the birth of the foundation”. He further stated the mission and vision of the foundation which include; to contribute to the development of tertiary institutions in Nigeria by providing qualitative access to basic needs and trainings, innovative rate that guarantees a balanced education. Also, to create an enabling environment of learning for students and to motivate the youth by helping them in basic needs and also to connect and help students/youths so as to make them agent of positive change towards eradicating poverty.
“This is a foundation that has no strong strength yet but we have a very great plan towards the registration thereby making it a wide ground for people who has the heart of the people at heart to support the foundation. There are plans ahead towards the official registration of the organisation”. He said.

While speaking at the launching of the organisation, the Special Adviser to Oyo State Governor on Youths and Sports, Hon. Bolarinwa Kazeem, the Oyo State Governor aide who spoke on the reason why Youth should add Value irrespective of their certificate and academic prowress. What can you do differently? What can you do cheaply? What can you do to make the society better? He asked.
“The youth are often referred to as leaders of tomorrow but I’ll say they’re leaders of today because the tomorrow you’re talking about has started yesterday and they’re are the witness of that yesterday who are also in the best position to remodel and reshape that tomorrow we all look forward to”. He further admonished the youth who were present at the event to possess value that will validate them to be distinctive amongst their peers, in the society and country at large. He admonished and applauded the initiative of the convener of the foundation. “This is a practical demonstration of value and passion for the liberation and good society we all thirst of”, he said.

An exclusive interview with the convener.
Press: Tripple A Foundation; what does it entail?
Tripple A: This is an organization that focuses on the empowerment and support for tht youth. It’s basically to assist the student of this school.
Press: How can Students benefit?
Tripple A: Prior the emergence of the organization, we have done our survey and see the influx of the number of students who really need one help or the other basically. We now devise a means through which we could help students at large for the betterment of all. Also, we studied and got to know that no organisation on this campus that centers on this kind of initiative. Although, we’ve helped beyond feeding Currently, we’re focusing on the utmost Priority of need which is to quench Hunger.
Press: As a finalist whose Studentship lapses in a very short time, how will you make sure the good work continues?
Tripple A: This initiative is not an organization that is meant to be transitional to one Administration or other. It’s an organization that will last long for ever to look into Welfarism of students. For now, based on our strength, we’re focusing on students of The Polytechnic, Ibadan. Even this Environment and the traffic capacity, the students are worth empowerment but we also look to go beyond this Institution as time goes on.
Press: What really motivated you to serve human Selflessly?
Tripple A: This idea to cater for the welfare and help people has been something that I have been dreaming of but it’s not until I’ve millions in my account that it’s will be feasible. With the reason and the enthusiasm, I’ve without any political motives, the foundation was birthed out of conscious effort to serve human selflessly, empower youths and students of tertiary Institutions. I’ve some certain set of people I can speak with around me, all for the interest of humanity.
Press: How will more hands be on Deck to make this organization forward
Tripple A: In our society, we have some people who are so interested to help and assist a lot of people in our society but no time and enough space for them to actualize and perform this function. But with this organization, we meet, collaborate and empower Youths who really need them.
Press: Your general remark to the society.
Tripple A: We only knows today but nobody knows tomorrow. The youth of today are Leaders of today not tomorrow but leaders of today then we should arise to help ourselves.

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