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B: Ajayi Toyyib Olabamiji

It’s often said over time that readers are leaders and, of course, that the young ones of today are leaders of tomorrow. Meanwhile, reading alone cannot make you a distinctive and effective leader, but when you study. In this regard, can you beat your chest by saying that you will be a leader in the future?

When you study, you pay attention to each and every piece of the details and information that the book contains and possibly reflect on them appropriately. To this extent, you can even do well to compare literature to ascertain the knowledge you’ve gained in a particular book. As you’re preparing for the forthcoming examination, are you reading or studying?

Maybe you don’t know, reading is actually multifaceted. It ranges from word recognition, phonics, orthography, vocabulary and so on. Reading could also be described as the process of understanding the meaning of the letters and symbols loudly or silently, whereas studying is the process of acquiring and understanding knowledge. When you see a color red and you’re able to identify it, it means you have meticulously read through it and you know what it is. But when you study, you become extraordinary. You can now explore knowing that adding a touch of blue (which is also a primary color) to red will form purple.

You will also know that red means sacrifice, danger and courage, while the color blue represents calmness and responsibility. Purple stands for royalty, nobility or luxury. In essence, as young people and students that society looks forward to becoming the leaders of tomorrow, you actually need to take your time to study and not read in most cases. Especially in your discipline, you really need to inculcate the habit of studying as regards what you’re being thought about in class, with that you will be ahead of your mates, you will be extraordinary, and, of course, you’re a leader.

Regardless of your field of study, studying will allow you to be detailed and seasoned about what you know. You will be so bold as to contribute to a relevant argument or discussion among your peers. By that, you accord values and respect to yourself. Therefore, for the forthcoming examination, if you’re reading, you should know that you’ve not done well. That will only enable you to cram. And as it is popularly said, “Lacram lapour”, you know what that means.

Read and study for your exams as though you want to add value to yourself and not just for passing exams, that you might not even be able to defend yourself if there is a need for that. I’m sure that more than sixty percent of students will not be able to defend what they’ve written down after the examination. Are you in that category of students? Therefore, in your interest, you’re hereby enjoined not to read but study for the coming examination.

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