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  • By: Opadeji Samuel Olumide

Following the recent meeting held on Wednesday 12th June, 2019, the Clerk of the Students’ Representative Council and the Students’ Union President decided to hold an exclusive interview session with the Press on the 14th June, 2019. In the interview, the Students’ Union Government President, Akadiri Bayonle expressed his displeasure towards the delays of students having access to the examination hall because of their clearance of registration standing as exam permit to entering the halls.

According to him, to avoid reoccurrence of same issue in the subsequent exams to be written, the Students’ Union President appealed to all students of the citadel of technological innovation to make up with the payment of their tuition fees and other registration processes. Also, he emphasized that if confusion persists in the minds of students’ or basically if there are difficulties in registering, students should not hesitate to meet with their various departmental Presidents.

The President, Students’ Union Government, also implore all students to shun all forms of examination malpractice as it tarnishes their image as good ambassadors of the institution.
Com. Akadiri also implored the students to maintain the serenity of the atmosphere of the institution at large.

As regards to other challenges the students are facing, the Students’ Union Government has promised to take necessary steps in the next meeting to be held with the Directorate of Students’ Affairs as students welfarism is their utmost priorities.

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