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Are you wondering if I mean you? Yes!  You! So far you are my type that has to wait on his parents for tuition fees and feeding, or you are like my friend that ‘german german’- everything together, not only to survive, but also to send himself to school.

Don’t feel inferior when you see your friends with expensive gadgets and outfit, especially when it is been showed off on social media, because you will definitely feel inferior, when you see those IPhones and Porsche cars, knowing fully well they are owned by your mates. Friend, you don’t need to feel inferior, but, to be sure you are on a safer side you must ask yourself just one question, your answer to this question will go a long way in giving you an unflinching hope, just ask yourself:

Am I building a bungalow or sky scrapper or have I started building at all?

Everyone knows that building a bungalow is not a big deal unlike a sky scrapper, a bungalow, no matter how big, can be completed and be ready to live in just 3months, but to build a sky scrapper, depending on how long you want it to scrape the sky, will take a considerable number of years, when a foundation of sky scrapper is being laid, bungalow would have been available to live in. Even though the sky scrapper had started before the building of the bungalow.

Investing your time in personal development: reading of books, attending seminars, going to workshops, putting in your best to pass examination, helping others, praying etc. is laying foundation for your desirable future and in just this way, like a Firm laying a sky scrapper foundation, you are also unconsciously laying the foundation of your greatness.

Come to think of it: will the contractor laying the foundation of a sky scrapper ever feel inferior to the contractor building a bungalow? Just because there is visible improvement in the bungalow. Though, laymen will surely applaud the contractor in charge of bungalow and mock those in charge of the sky scrapper. They may say despite the resources that have been used on the sky scrapper, there is still nothing visible to show for it. They will surely say all manners of weird words to you, since they are not seeing anything worthy of applause in you, don’t feel inferior at all, because you are laying the foundation.

Today, it is not uncommon to see guys with expensive outfit, phones and the like, one will surely be easily carried away with all these, especially if one as a student is still being fed by parent. Don’t feel inferior at all, because you are laying the foundation.

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