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Every student is supposed to be as joyous as a hunter who presents to his family a very palatable bush meat, whenever the wind of examination blows to them. However, the reverse is the case, many students of all levels, hates exams.

Just that word, ‘exam’ is enough to make most students tremble. This is because they have attached fear and anxiety to exam. Instead of taking time to study and working toward getting great marks, the majority spend time thinking negatively about the exams and feeling so insecure about what their performances would be.

To you, exam shouldn’t be stressful. As a student, you should be finding examination fun. This is because examination is an avenue to show off your skills and prove your educational worth. It is that period where you show that truly you haven’t wasted your time that classes are worthwhile.

In as much as you would curse the founder of exam, you still owe him gratitude. He’s intent wasn’t to make examination a feeling of depression for student but rather, he intended to develop in them a sense of responsibilities and accountability.

In one way or another, students have to be tested, that is where the word” examination” comes in. We all have to be accountable for all we have been taught. Undoubtedly, examination is stressful and really demanding, however, it is worth it!


Here are few reasons why it is beneficial;

Examination improves your self-confidence which increases your personality in a hardworking manner. Exam makes you conscious of your performance; influencing your preparedness and making you work hard.

It also makes you stronger as it puts you into a competitive corner where you would have to fight your way through the top. It encourages you to build new strategies for reading and improving your writing skills because you don’t want to be the dumb amongst your colleague.

More so, there is a need for you to understand that life is not a bed of roses, so everyday will not be rosy. Every step we take in our life time we face new challenges and we learn from them. Examination is a major factor in learning. It makes the impossible, possible because the word itself it depicting ‘I’m possible’. Examination help teaches the lessons of discipline, patience and leadership. It helps develop student logic thing and enhance them to be critical and fast thinkers.
Now you see that examination is not stressing you irrelevantly but building and growing at the same. Fear of examination is one of the major causes of failure. Once you are sacred of your abilities, getting through that exam with good grades because a matter of chance.
Examination is not a death sentence but rather a means to check mate and a medium for accountability.

So, as you commence your examination this week, open your mind, body and soul and give all your papers the best shots. And remember, studying and preparing are essential to success in exams. Listed here are a few exam tips and tricks you can adopt.

  • Take deep breaths to practice positive self-talk and say I can do it i.e. daily positive affirmation.
  • Relax your body and wear comfortable clothing
  • Laugh a little because laughter is a natural stress relief
  • Don’t get distracted by what others are doing
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • do sleep well 7/9 hours
  • Always revise before going for your exams
  • Take breaks when necessary.

From Press Council, we wish you success in your exams and pray you all triumph.

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