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By Olamide Olasupo

Politics has been one of the most participatory systems in the History of Nigeria and the world at large. The origin of politics could be dated to as far back as only God knows. Politics is heavily rooted in all spheres, educational inclusive and higher institutions of learning is not left out in this category. Higher institutions of learning now tend to be one of the political grounds for grooming politicians ahead of the future.

The polytechnic, Ibadan, as a case study, is a citadel where students agitate and contest for one or two or more political posts/sector to take the mantle.

Here in The Polytechnic, Ibadan, it is another era of politics in the citadel where students from different departments/faculties aspire for different posts. Although, things are being done with moderation as there are laid down rules and regulations of the school for Political related activities campaigns to keep things in order.

“Let students decide who they want without any aggression or tribal bias”. This means that students shouldn’t be forced to choose, they should be able to choose their choice.
Different meetings have been going on now from different sectors in school, department, Faculty, Student Union. And as a sign to show people’s interest in a different post, different flyers, posters, underground campaigns are flying around, even when the institution is yet to lift the campaign ban.

Students! Shine your eyes and watch closely who you will vote for. “I will vote for him because he is from South campus”, I will vote for him because he is from North Campus” all these have to stop in other to have effective leaders who will always see students’ want and need as priorities.

What about Gender bias? Is it because she is a lady? Is it because he is a Guy? Let’s stop seeing people from their gender perspective rather than their ability, if he or she can do it, then let them do it, vote for who you think can do it, don’t let someone push you to hat you don’t want to do. The fact that they are generally acceptable doesn’t make them the right person. What about their personalities? What about their ability? Vote with your head and not your emotions, vote for the right people, don’t forget if you vote because of any external aggression, your one session lies on it, choose rightly and stop being bias

Conclusively, the primary assignment should not be neglected, before you can become a politician in school you are firstly a student, which means before you can hold any political office you must first be a bonafide student in The Polytechnic, Ibadan. The primary aim of students should not be put aside, their academics and welfare should be properly attended to, choose a leader that will not neglect your agitation rather his/her interest.

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